Estrategias 25Delta, Fondo 25Delta

February marked our seventh consecutive month of positive performance in our strategies out of ten months of life. The important highlight of the month was the sharp reversal of the risk-on rally of the first month of the year, making for fixed income the worst February in years.. 

Our strategies, designed to offer consistent positive performance in different market conditions, delivered while protecting the capital investing in three month Letras, These are Marked to market even if held to maturity, and this is why the annualised yield achieved in our last investment in January is not shown right away. 

AAA investment yield plus the option to add another 3% to 5%, with very low volatility of results is our focus. Current market conditions point to the lower number above for risk management purposes. This would imply +5%-6% of annual return in today’s markets. 

I am very glad to share we have an investment commitment from a new professional investor to our fund. This is especially important for a fund with a small track record of less than a year, although with big foundation arguments! 

We keep focus and humble.