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Financial Advice
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We offer specialized advice for professional investors
The complexity of the markets and the characteristics of some financial products and instruments make many professional investors come to us.
As a Financial Advisory Company, we are committed to always offering the best service to our clients, we adjust to their needs and requests.
Portfolio Managers
Private Banks
Private Equity 
We seek to strengthen the management of currency risk within professional portfolios through proven techniques in markets for the last 14 years, exploiting on a discretionary basis the risk reward of volatility in the currency options market.
  • Quant analysis of VAR risk.

  • Efficient border design for optimization of coverage ratio.

  • Strategy design 25Delta FX Dynamic.

  • Help in implementation: “best execution”.

  • Continued monitoring.

  • Market evolution monitoring and evaluation reports.

  • Advice to managers on currency funds

  • Advice on structured products for all types of assets.

  • Access to an independent source to know the best market prices.

  • Commission policy based solely on success (Alpha positive).


The strategies are unique to each client and add value regardless of the direction of currency movement.


Alpha's targets (improvement against exchange rate insurance) are between 1% and 3% of total exposure in EUROS, without increased risk.

25Delta FX Dynamic

The “25Delta FX Dynamic” strategies have been successfully implemented in the market since 2004 for different international portfolios.


25Delta EAF also offers pure Alpha (non-coverage) solutions to its clients. Two strategies are offered with different levels of risk and return

Digital ecosystem

The entire investment process from boarding at 25Delta EAF to accessing reports and positions is digitized through a digital application and / or on our website.